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All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make the better. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You know what the Telephone Game is, right?  One person starts by whispering a phrase into the next person’s ear and that person whispers what they heard to the next person and this continues down the line.  By the time the phrase passes through all the players, it is totally different.

Wouldn’t it be fun to try something like that with furniture design?


So, how does it work?

The idea is for somebody else to take this concept and reinterpret it their own way.  You don’t need to use a CAD program.  All that matters is that you are able to convey your ideas – a good photograph of a pencil sketch or clay model would also be fine.  Design experience or savvy is not required.

One person at a time is given one week to reinterpret the piece and their vision is shared and discussed at the next #Woodchat (Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific).  Then the next person takes that design and makes their changes.  The schedule of participants is available here.

Don’t hold back!

We (#Woodchat hosts Matt Gradwohl, Scott Meek, and I) are really interested in seeing the progression of the design and the only restriction we wish to impose is a limit of three major changes.

Other than that, nothing is off limits.  We want you to take the design and run with it.  We’re okay if the table transforms into a chair, then a coat rack, then a lamp.  That would be amazing.

It doesn’t matter if the design is incredibly difficult and impractical to actually make.  Our goal is to focus on design and only design.

What is the goal?

Aside from being fun, we hope that this design experiment helps you realize your aesthetic tastes and improves your design skills.

Would you like to participate?

I hope you join us in this experiment.  The more people who get involved, the more interesting it will be.

Learn about the design, from the creator!

Tune into #Woodchat Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific when we reveal the latest design and invite the creator to talk about how the design evolved.

Here is the progression, from the start.

#1 Chris Wong Matt Gradwohl-TGDE

#3 Vic Hubbard

#4 Scott Meek

Greg Palmer-TGDE

#6 Megan Fitzpatrick

#7 Dyami Plotke#8 Brian VanVreede

#9 Jay Bates

#10 Tim Charles#11 Eric Bushée

#12 Bill Griggs

#13 Paul-Marcel St. Onge

#14 Mike Mader

#15 Fay Wong

#16 Jeremy Morgan

#17 Adam Weil

#18 Joseph Watson

#19 Neil Cronk