When I completed another project, I was left with a few dozen strips of ash about 1/8″ x 1″ x 20″.  I began experimenting with their strength and flexibility.

I bolted together a half-dozen strips and put them in a clamp, pushing the assembly to breaking point, as seen in this video.

These photos show the results from the experiment, as well as a seat I made using the ash strips woven together and inserted into a frame.  The seat holds my weight and is quite comfortable.

Next:  Ash Chair Prototype #1

2 thoughts on “Ash Chair – Inspiration and Initial Experimentation

  1. I have found my best woodworking pieces are something that I started to do one way, and found that it didn’t work like I thought. I have a piece made with huge pieces of Ashe glued together and weighing in over 100 lbs and turned into a giant puzzle laid out on the floor. Sanded and finished. It was at my parents home for years. Since they passed, I don’t know where it lives now. I was out of the country when my mother died. And her husband inherited all.

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