From Prototype #1 I learned that the 3/8″ thick slats were too springy so I increased the back and seat slats up to 7/16″ and 1/2″ thick, respectively.  The seat slats in Prototype #1  extended through slots in the back to prevent them from rotating.  For Prototype #2, I reduced their length and took off the point on the end.

I built a nicer-looking frame out of ash.  I had originally used floating tenons (Dominoes) to join the rails and stretchers but they failed.  For additional strength, I added two pocket screws and a metal angle bracket to each corner and epoxied the frame back together, but the stresses still won. I learned that I needed to get serious with the joinery.

When I first built this version, I had included two rear legs.  I decided that they weren’t necessary and I didn’t like their look so I removed them.

Next:  Ash Chair Prototype #3

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