Prototype #2 showed me that major changes were still necessary.  I was unhappy with the frame joinery, legs, and squeaks and creaks where the seat slats rubbed on the back slats.  There were other details which I wanted to work on too.

The biggest improvement was switching to more substantial joinery for the frame between the rails and stretchers – I opted for sliding dovetails in this version.  I also moved the stretchers farther inwards so they were less visible when the chair was seen from the side.

The legs of Prototype #2 looked too blocky so I reduced their size and brought them down to a smaller footprint.  They tapered from about 1-1/4″ square at the top to 3/4″ at the bottom.  I also added a curve to the underside the front rail.

When you sat in the earlier versions, the chair made annoying noises when the seat slats rubbed against the slats of the back slats through which they passed.  I solved this problem by cutting off the part of the seat slats that protruded through the back slats.

The back slats are now mounted to a curved rail so they offer better support.  Between this change and the more upright back, this chair is very comfortable – considerably more so than the previous versions.

The last two photos show modifications I’ve made since I completed Prototype #3.  There is a concave shape on the top of the seat rail which makes the seat slats follow the shape and slots in the stretchers to lighten it both visually and physically.

Prototype #4 is still in the works and I do have some ideas that will be used in it.

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