27 thoughts on “Flow

  1. Was watching your videos on upgrading the cutter on your DeWalt thickness planer and decided to go to your web site to see what you do.

    My god what a beautiful piece of wood.
    You’re techniques and method were extremely successful.
    Not to mention this piece was huge and must have been a challenge to flatten.

    Jim Davidson
    Cyber Security Specialist & Novice woodworker

  2. as an amateur wood worker this piece is amazing, i have always loved satinwoods and similar. always a joy to see great wood being worked.

  3. Nice table top! I’m an old retired woodworker and have never been able to get my hands on wood like this. It always starts with the wood, then bring out the beauty of it.

    1. Hi Glenn,

      I was commissioned to make the table top only. I do not know how much the entire table was sold for, but I do know that it was part of a much larger renovation.


  4. Hi Chris Wong,
    Congratulations for working on such a splendid and magical wood. It is no doubt one of the most beautiful wood on the earth. To see it’s grace I think you worked very hard it’s finish is very nice. I have just seen it. But let me say that the legs don’t match with the grace of the top you should design your self I think there should be six legs. It is just like a splendid huge building has a very ugly shop on the floor.

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