A Small Puzzle with Big Tricks

Each puzzle consists of 18 pieces in two layers. The pieces must be assembled in the correct sequence and each is hand cut, resulting in spectacularly shadows pieces.

Made from quality hardwoods and approximately 2-3/4″ square by 1″ thick.

Quick to Solve, but Scaleable

Estimated time to complete one 18-Piece Puzzle is 5-15 minutes. Combine puzzle pieces from multiple puzzles in one pile for a tougher challenge.

18-Piece Puzzles

This picture shows each of the two layers assembled. (This is not how to assemble the puzzle!)

Inside of 18-Piece Puzzle-001

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Order $300 and get free shipping!

Shipping-Canada $10 Canada Economy Shipping

Shipping-US $20 US Economy Shipping

Shipping-World $25 International Economy Shipping

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