I made this clamp rack for the showroom to display the samples.


When I organized the seminar room, I built racks to store the router bits and some router accessories.

IMG_20150223_113339009 I built sliding trays inside of a rolling tool cart to make turning tools easy to see at a glance.

IMG_20150223_113459766 IMG_20150223_113450990 To organize all the sharpening equipment, I designed and built this rolling cart.  Three drawers organize the jigs, stones, and other sharpening paraphernalia used in seminars.

IMG_20150223_113515199 IMG_20150223_113522058 IMG_20150223_113531568 IMG_20150223_113541547

To keep the drawers from sliding open (and tipping the cart), I installed latches on the drawers.


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