10a 10b36 ½” wide, 11” deep, 7” high

Walnut, sapele, brass rod, tinted epoxy


  • The walnut was cut down 25 years ago and air dried in a barn for all that time.  Really nice to work with and has some great color.
  • Joinery: the sides are connected to the top with a sliding dovetail and the bottom with through dovetails.  I was able to machine cut the dovetails in the sides but needed to hand cut the pins – first time doing that.  The second side is definitely better than the first.
  • First time doing a build-off – that was a ton of fun!  Social media is a nice way to connect people participating in a solitary hobby… but having everyone building at the same time takes it up a notch!
  • This shelf is in the eating area of our kitchen – it’ll be the place that holds all the phones and tablets so we can have a real conversation during meals.


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