18a 18b

Dimensions: 54” x 40” (the two legs)

Materials: Ash for the main shelf, western maple for the back ledge and bookends, domino’s for joinery.

Greatest Challenge: Deciding how to deal with two out of square walls without just screwing two strips to the wall and screwing down the two shelves like I have done in the past; that was the challenge I gave myself.

 226 Words: Although not yet complete, the wall shelf I built is designed to go into a corner of the room with two un-square walls. For this reason it will be mounted using two French cleats, one on each wall cut at 47 deg to further allow for the wall. The joints between the 3 elements of the shelf have not been glued; the ability to float slightly will allow further flexibility to deal with the walls. Joinery is done with domino floating tenons. One artistic element is the shaping of the bookends, a hand drawn pair of curves imitating a molding. Those bookends can be moved independently to expand for the books as required. The curved center shelf element was added to be used for nick knacks display. The 4” ledger strip along the back edges hide the French cleats on the wall and allow for cables to be passed up to the top of the shelf in the corner section that has been purposely left out leaving a ¾” gap. The main shelf is ash while the ledger strip and the bookends are western maple adding a further artistic element with the contrasting woods. I think I have built a very utilitarian shelf with a pleasing appearance. I already have Ron and Vic’s books, so I think a Mini Square will fit this truly worthy entry.

The next build off should have an environmental twist such as a bird house, a bat cave or a bee house/hive. Lots of room for artistic creativity and useful to the environment.

Pick me, Pick me!!


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