New Category: Beyond Hype

When I write an article for my blog, I file it under one or more of the following categories:

There is now a category called Beyond Hype.  The articles under this category are based upon my experiences with woodworking-related tools, accessories and supplies about which I have used enough to generate an educated opinion, beyond the buzz and marketing hype.

I shake my head at some of the things that you can buy these days.  A lot of these items sell.  I’ve bought a couple.  But the purpose of these articles is not to tell you if something looks gimmicky.  What I want to offer is my honest opinion of things with which I have experience.  I will do my best to be fair and unbiased and provide good detail.

As always, I appreciate your feedback.  Do you like this idea?

2 thoughts on “New Category: Beyond Hype

  1. Yours will add to the knowledge base of tools because your perspective may not be the same as those of the other reviewers. Perhaps a focus on tools or aspects that have not been covered in reviews found in recent issues of the mainstream woodworking magazines?

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