Insanity 2: The Top

Last week, I put three sheets of 1/8″ Baltic birch plywood between two forms I made to create the top of the cabinet for the doors.


Although the glue-up seemed to go smoothly, I couldn’t be sure of the success until I removed it from the form.  I let the bent lamination set for two days before I unclamped it.  

In this video, I recapped my progress with Insanity 2 and removed the cabinet top from the form.  (Duration – 6:43)

The lamination appeared to be a success, but I couldn’t be sure until I trimmed the excess to see the actual edges of the top.  I used handsaws guided by the form to cut the top into a rectangle.


Yes, it was a success!


Then, I clamped the top in my vise as best as I could and planed the edges straight and smooth.  I was really happy with the result.  The asymmetrical shape of the top provided me with some ideas for the rest of the cabinet.


I suppose the cabinet sides are next?

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