Now Available: Apex Cribbage Board

I’m very excited to announce that my Apex Cribbage Boards are now available!

The final steps of cutting, installing, and finishing the Signature Inlay Tokens in the bottom of each have been completed so the cribbage boards are now ready to ship.

They are available for purchase on my Games & Puzzles page, and through Etsy. These will be a regular-stocked item available on an ongoing basis (a first!). As with all cribbage boards, shipping is free within North America!

Buy your Apex Cribbage Board now!

3 thoughts on “Now Available: Apex Cribbage Board

  1. A hand, a crib, and a “hand” to you.
    A very unique design. Do you have markers along the three tracks to help show which player is in the lead at a glance?

    1. Hi Dan,

      Good question! Aside from the double skunk and skunk lines, progress of each player can be gauged by judging the distance to the apex as the crow flies. You can also look at the distance each player is relative to the skunk lines.


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