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Hi Chris. I am one of those who didn’t finish their shelf. I had to work Saturday and thot I could still do it but fell short of completing it. You can tell where it still needs sanding and my hooks aren’t on yet.

The dimensions are 18 x 7 x 8″

I used a single board of Apple wood.

Titebond III glue and Wipe on Poly and of course, sandpaper are the other materials used

My greatest challenge turned out to be the finger joints. I cut them on my scroll saw which I have done countless times but this time they gave me some grief.

I was inspired by steam bent shelving which I do not have the equipment to do. I started to think of how I could make this shelf with that in mind. That is why I rounded the ends of each shelf and where the joints are. I love live edge design and the wood used fit the bill. It was given to me from a workmate and I had been looking to use it for something special. This was a perfect opportunity. Scrolling and carving are two of my favorite styles of woodworking and a Celtic design is also a favorite so this project seemed to lend itself beautifully to all three things. The Apple wood board determined the dimensions of what the shelf would be as well as the size of wall space that was available to me to hang the shelf on. I worked almost entirely with my scroll saw which is a machine I love. There is something magical about working with wood. Transforming a seemingly plain board into something beautiful and useful is a joy!

Another idea for a build off would be building something from pallets.


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