2a 2b

Hi Chris, 

Thanks for putting on the buildoff!!! I just barely made it with 10 mimutes to spare. 

The overall size is 14″X24″X4″ and it tapers to 2 1/2″ from the top of the drawers to the top.  Its made from ambrosia Maple and the drawer fronts are curly maple with a sweet little knot in it. The center piece has walnut accents that are covering up a screwup lol.

I tried to get a design together a week or so before the start of the build. Work got in the way so I had to come up with the design on Saturday morning.  I also struggled with an inefficient shop that slows me down on every project it seems.  This piece took about 22+ hours.

I looked up some refference pics and was torn between an Asian look and a few western pieces so I attempted to combine the 2.

I also have been meaning to build a tapering jig and this design kinda forced me into it. 

Thanks again! It was a fun (and long) weekend lol,


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