3a3b My overall dimensions are 22″ deep x 32.625″ wide and approximately 8″ tall.

I used a slab of walnut that I cut myself with my chainsaw mill.

I also used some copper piping that was reclaimed from a house demo.

The build was pretty straight forward. I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time in the shop as I had visiting family. I have had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while. I used my circular saw to rough cut the slab. Then I jointed the face to have a flat surface which I could reference my level. I used my level and screwed together a plywood fixture to run the slab through the planer and clean up the face since it was wider than my jointer. I used my track saw to rip off the back for a flat surface to reference for drilling. I cut some copper pipe at 12 inches and drilled a hole just over three inches into the slab and into the stud. I used the cutoff to act as a back stop since the shelf doesn’t touch the wall. I finished it with spray lacquer. 

Thanks for putting this on Chris!


One thought on “WSBO #3 – Brian Prusa

  1. Holy moly, how much does that thing weigh??
    Is there space to add a small LED light recessed in the underside cavity?

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