5a5b This is the shelf I came up with. I hadn’t decided on anything to make and went to my shop the morning of and examined the scraps I had to see what there was. I had initially wanted to do something with metal but I couldn’t think of anything that was an effective design, given the materials I had available. I settled on a piece of cocbolo that I had been having a hard time finding anything to do with because it isn’t the orange coloring I prefer I also used a piece of waterfall bubinga, a piece of padauk, and a piece of zebrawood, and a piece of purpleheart.

I thought I wanted to add some visual interest to the piece so I decided to make the shelves progressively thinner from top to bottom. I then found some thin strips and thought I could add some curves. That ended up being the greatest challenge because I had to find the right thickness and length without it breaking (which I broke several).

I was thinking maybe some speaker boxes could be a future build. Or possibly a tv console/low entertainment center. sofa table I dont know there are so many awesome possibilities!!

Wall Shelf:
42″H 20″W 5″D

  • Cocobolo
  • Padauk
  • Purpleheart
  • Waterfall Bubinga
  • Zebrawood


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