1. 8a 8bShelf Dimensions – 24 3/4″ long by 6″ deep, with the cloud backer being 10 1/4″ tall
  2. Material list:   5/8″ thick finished poplar, down from 15/16″ rough, General Finishes Show White milk paint, 14 gauge copper sheet for the brackets, mounted with some random small pan head nails I had laying around.

One of the greatest challenges I had with this build was working with new materials, the copper sheet, with limited time to work on the project.

This shelf didn’t stretch my design muscles, which was what I had originally been hoping for with this build off.  My daughter, Hannah Rose, was born on the 17th of January, which offered the opportunity to use the build off to meet a need, and so the cloud shelf was born.  The straightforward circle shapes and bright white color were chosen to match the hot air balloon theme of the nursery.  This shelf will be mounted high, and will hold the baby monitor camera, as well as some carved blocks, the next request from my wife on behalf of Hannah.  Though not particularly challenging, this shelf serves what I have always intended my craft to do, which is to meet the needs of my family through the work of my hands.

My suggestion for the next build off is a tool tote.

Chris, thanks so much for hosting these events, and more so, your encouragement, enthusiasm, and communication throughout the project.  It’s been fun, can’t wait for the next build off!



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