WSBO #9 – Brad Holley

9a 9b


Thank you again for hosting this fun event. Its great to have the extra encouragement to go out and build something and it was exciting to see what others come up with. I appreciate the community we participate in and thanks for all the likes and retweets. 

My entry for the #WSBO was not completed by the deadline. However I have included two photos which demonstrate the work in progress. 


  • 18″W x 6.5″D x 4″H


  • Curly maple (case)
  • Walnut (drawer face)
  • Spalted maple (drawer sides)
  • Poplar (drawer base – not complete)

This project is a wall shelf that housed two drawers. It was a practice in hand-cut dovetails. Every piece of wood on this project, 13 in total, has a dovetailed part. When finished it will hang on the wall with a French cleat. 

I’m already looking forward to the next build off. How about table lamps?

Thanks again!


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