Mixing Small Amounts of Epoxy

Quite often, I need to mix small amounts of epoxy.

I’ve found the best way to mix it is to get a small, flat scrap of wood (about six square inches is usually ample). Then I squeeze out one bead of resin and one of hardener on the board. I’ve found that this is a really easy way to get even amounts of each part. If you are using epoxy with a ratio of 2:1, simply squeeze out two beads of the one, and one bead of the other. Then I drag these polypropylene glue spreaders through the two beads, perpendicularly until the colour is even. I use the spreader to apply the epoxy where it’s needed (or a toothpick if the spreader’s too large).

Then, I let the epoxy dry. When dry, I just toss the now-epoxy-coated scrap wood into the garbage, and flex the spreader the pop off the hardened epoxy.

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