My name is Chris and I’m a Die-Hard Woodworker

I am truly devoted to woodworking.  If you don’t believe me, ask any of my friends.  In fact, I am so devoted to woodworking, some of my smart ass friends (you know who you are!) might reply, “Chris has friends?”  Most of the friends I didn’t meet in school, I met because we share a common interest – woodworking.  Woodworking is my life.  My daily routine goes something like this:

  • Check e-mail.  Right now, I get about 40 e-mail per day.  Many are notifications about forums or my Facebook page, a few are woodworking e-newsletters, some are business-related, and others are from woodworking friends;
  • Check and reply to posts on the woodworking forums I am currently active on four.  They are The Burl, Canadian Woodworking, Festool Owners Group, and Wood Talk Online;
  • Optional:  Make and eat breakfast while reading a woodworking magazine.  I have all the back issues of Woodwork and am gradually making my way through them;
  • Start work;
  • Optional:  Eat lunch while reading a woodworking magazine and/or checking e-mail and forums;
  • Back to work;
  • Make and eat dinner (not optional, but may be postponed until 10 or 11 pm)
  • More work;
  • After 9pm (or thereabouts) stop using power tools and either:
  • Go to bed and repeat.

Probably the only reason I can do this day in and day out and not tire of it is that I thoroughly enjoy it.  I always enjoy working.  Usually it’s the work itself that I enjoy, but in the rare case that it’s not, I enjoy the challenge it brings.  A good day for me is a productive one (nearly all days are productive).  A really good day is one where I’m not only productive, but also inspired.  A great day is one where I’m productive, inspired, and new possibilities are realised.  Sometimes this comes in the form of a new and exciting tool or material, other times may it be an epiphany.

Here’s a picture taken Saturday of me holding up some prized Pacific yew.  Can you guess what kind of day this was for me?

On my days off, (which I don’t get/take many at all), I am usually lost with regards to what I should do.  Sometimes I’ll go for a mountain bike ride in the forests on my mountain.  Aside from that, there isn’t much that comes to mind.

I might go into downtown Vancouver and explore the woodworking galleries or just wander around looking for inspiration.  Whatever I do, I simply cannot escape woodworking.  It’s in my blood.  I remember one summer on a family holiday, I was determined to spend the whole week away from woodworking.  I left behind all my woodworking books, woodworking tools, even my pocketknife.  I was so bored with nothing to do, I started sketching ideas of what to make and later ended up in a used book store in – you guessed it – the woodworking section.

That was at least three years ago and I don’t think I’ve taken a holiday since.  The closest thing to a holiday for me, as I say, is the occasional woodworking show I get to do on the road with Lee Valley Tools.

As long as I am at home, I’ll be hard at work.  Even when it doesn’t look like I’m working, you can bet I’m thinking hard about something.  No day is ever wasted – I’m always learning new things and tweaking my procedures to improve my work.

4 thoughts on “My name is Chris and I’m a Die-Hard Woodworker

  1. Chris has found the love of his life. Harvey MacKay said, “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

  2. That picture of you with that beauty pacific yew above your head sums up what your passion is with no words needed. Since finding my passion for woodworking I have been even having dreams all about wood and working with it. I just wish I could devote as much time as you have to build beautiful projects, you are very lucky to have the life you carved out for yourself(pun intended). Good luck to you and your future. Felix J

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