Diamond Challenge

I really don’t know what to say about this project, other than it’s the most complex scroll saw puzzle I have made to date. It’s made up of 65 pieces of Douglas fir, which I’ll admit was ambitious. There are some really cool pieces that still blow my mind. One of the most challenging parts about this puzzle is that the cuts are angled so some pieces can only be slid together from one direction.

The first time I solved the puzzle, it took me over two hours. I’ve assembled it over a dozen times and have now learned to solve it in less than 40 minutes. I’ve also watched other avid puzzlers struggle with it for upwards of 4 hours.

After cutting the diamond blank to shape, I just walked to the scroll saw and started cutting puzzle pieces.  The design was completely off the top of my head and it took over two hours of solid scrolling to cut all 65 pieces.

This video was made showing yours truly taking apart and assembling the puzzle. Note that it took me two minutes just to take it apart and another 38 to assemble. I sped up the video to make my 40-minutes of agony seem like a completely  tolerable 5:21.

8 thoughts on “Diamond Challenge

  1. Unbelievable that you were able to put it together with all those intricate cuts. This project shows how competent you are with a scroll saw. Felix

  2. Great puzzle! I’ll bet it takes far longer to assemble than it does to make it. ;-)
    I’m waiting for the 30th anniversary edition of Paul’s saw which is supposed to be out in November. It has some great new features.
    YOU and PAUL together in the same workshop??? Dangerous combo…

    1. Ron,

      Of course, practice makes assembly quicker! After having assembled this puzzle over a dozen times, I’ve reduced my time from two hours to 20 minutes.

      Yes, Paul-Marcel and I had fun together. Which saw is coming out in a 30th anniversary edition?


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