New Quote Added – C.R. Mackintosh

I do realize that this is the second consecutive quote I’ve added and I definitely intend for my blog to be much more than a resource of quotes.

As I paged through 500 Cabinets and found an interesting piece, I stopped to check if the maker had a website where I could see more of his/her work.  One piece, simply titled “Lingerie Cabinet“, caught my attention.  Well, to be honest, it was more the maker’s name, David Young, than the cabinet itself that caught my attention.  You see, I’ve been conversing with a David Young on Twitter and wanted to see if this was he.  (It was not.)

Anyhow, here is the quote.  You can also find it among many others on my Quotables page.

The craftsman of the future must be an artist.

-C.R. Mackintosh, 1901

2 thoughts on “New Quote Added – C.R. Mackintosh

  1. Hi Chris,
    According to this quote, you won’t be the craftsman of the future. You already are!
    No wonder it caught your eyes!

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