Wendell Castle – Ghost Clock

Artist Name:  Wendell Castle
Title:  Ghost Clock
Details:  circa 1985  –  86-1/4″ x 24-1/2″ – 15″  –  Honduras mahogany

Why It’s Notable:

It’s made of wood.  All of it – yes, even the “sheet” and “cord” around it.  Careful carving shaped the sheet, repeated bleachings removed the colour and raised the grain to give the mahogany the texture of fabric.  This sculpture set the bar high and introduced me to the idea of twisting a functional object to make it non-functional artwork.

6 thoughts on “Wendell Castle – Ghost Clock

  1. First time poster and a Castle aficionado. The real key to the “Ghost Clock” is where the sculpture resides, in the Renwick which is the home of American craft. The piece is the last in a series of “functioning” clocks, yet is the one selected into the Renwick. Reinforcing Castle’s obsessive path of placing Decorative Art into the Fine Art wing of Museums. Castle continually crosses over and demands a response to the never ending debate of art vs craft.

    Not sure if you have seen them but here is an interview I had done with Castle. Prior to his 2010 show season I had been to his shop and discussed his pieces still in the white. Wonderful experience.



    Thought you would be interested…. there is much to the man.

  2. This is an unbelivable piece, I saw it in DC at the American Craft place just down the street from the White House, probably mid-1990’s. The guard shared that just before the exhibit opened, he pointed out that the tarp was still on the clock and needed to be removed. Looking at it from one foot, you can’t tell it is not a tarp. If you see this in person and close, you will never forget.

    This is a GREAT piece of foke art!!!


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