New Quote Added – David Savage

I’ve just added a new quote to my list of Quotables.  This one comes from David Savage’s book, Furniture with Soul (page 11, ⁋3).

Of course, everyone buys things for reasons beyond immediate function – to help us say who we are, to identify our values, and to set ourselves apart from others… The people who buy remarkable pieces do so because they need objects about them that can express their own individuality.

– David Savage

2 thoughts on “New Quote Added – David Savage

  1. Chris, you asked about the diamond paddles to dress the Makita horizontal water stones.
    I use plain and simple EZE-LAP paddles while using a lot of water to clean up the surfaces and dress the profiles. Don’t have to do it often ’cause I’m pretty carefull not to gouge the stones. Sure works for me. I’ve had these paddles for about 15 years, and use ’em for a bunch of touch up work such as router bits, etc.
    Be well.

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