Upcoming Review: Mirka CEROS

When the Mirka CEROS (Compact Electric Random Orbit Sander) was released in North America about a year ago, I purchased the 6″ model.

I plan to do a review of the sander, which I use with Mirka’s Abranet discs and a Festool dust extractor.

If you have any questions about the sander which you would like me to address, please ask them in the comments section.

Here are two other posts pertaining to the Mirka CEROS:
1.  Combining a Mirka CEROS with a Festool CT26; and
2.  Hand-Carving Threads (to Connect a Mirka CEROS to a Festool 27mm Hose).

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Review: Mirka CEROS

  1. Chris,
    Given that the adjustable speed control is under your palm, it always looked like a hard machine to control. Is it as awkward as I imagine?

  2. I have wanted to try one of these, the real problem is I want one, but need fourteen of them.

    How is it holding up over the long term. Bearings, pad brake that type of thing. Have you been using it a lot?


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