Commentary on Videos

Last month, at the end of an article, I included a poll to see what you thought about woodworking videos.  Two-thirds of you voted that I should make more videos, while a quarter acknowledged that they are useful for showing certain things difficult to describe with text and photographs.

Your encouragement was enough to convince me to pursue video making and I decided that a new video camera was in order.  With the new camera I’ve shot a few videos, experimenting with different features and setups.

One suggestion I received last month was to make my videos available via iTunes.   Currently, I have no plans to pursue this option because my videos do not stand alone – they are backed up by text and photographs here on my blog.  You can expect videos to appear more frequently in my future posts.

Could you please let me know how I am doing with my videos (as well as writing, photography and woodwork)?  If you see something that you think I could improve on, or something you really like or don’t like, please let me know.  You can either use the comments section at the bottom of every blog post or e-mail me.

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