It’s Not All About Woodworking

Lately, most of my work has been in marketing Maple Trestle Table.  I knew that a woodworking business required a lot of work outside of the workshop and this stage was one of those situations.  And I didn’t mind it at all.  In fact, I welcomed the variety.

I had begun photographing the table and preparing a slideshow and other marketing materials.  Monday, I could feel that I wasn’t quite well, but I persevered.  Later that day, I sat outside on the deck with a cup of hot tea to nurse my sore throat and watched the sun set.

I woke up the next morning with a flu.  I could barely speak and was in no condition, mentally or physically, to work.  Wednesday, I missed Woodchat which I co-host weekly with Matt Gradwohl of Upper Cut Woodworks, and by the end of the week I was feeling only marginally better.

Running a business always has its challenges.  Sometimes, I get caught up in the challenge to perform – to get things done well and quickly.  And sometimes that results in the need to take time off sick.  It’s a tricky balance.  At least I know how to make radical furniture.

I took the photographs in this post using a pair of 150W strobes (flashes) with which I was unable to adequately light such a large piece.  I will have the table shot professionally.

9 thoughts on “It’s Not All About Woodworking

  1. Salut Chris,

    You built a magnificiant an unique trestle table. Your idea of hiring a professional to shoot the table is wise. Such work needs all the attention it deserves. Not that you can’t take good pictures of it, but you’re a great woodworker, not a photographer. The photos should be at the same level as the table. Made by a unique woodworker and shot by a unique photographer!


    1. Salut Serge,

      Thank you for the comment. I have spent over a decade to get to this level in woodworking and one thing it has taught me is to value expertise. My experience with a camera and lights does not compare.


  2. Chris,
    Great to finally see a full table shot! If you want to send me a full res pic I could make it look better. I might have a BFA in Photography. Just sayin. Let me know.

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