Replacing the Pad Protector of my Mirka CEROS

I bought my Mirka CEROS (Compact Electric Random Orbit Sander) 18 months ago.  I didn’t use it much for the first couple of months, but have been using it a lot more, especially on sculpted shapes, including Ash Table and Relationship Study.

The CEROS utilizes a Pad Protector, a thin disc of material with hooks on one side and loops on the other (think Velcro).  When abrasive discs are applied or removed from the sander, the hooks of the Pad Protector take the wear instead of the sander’s pad.  This prolongs the life of the hooks on the pad.  When the sandpaper no longer sticks, you only need to replace the Pad Protector.

This video shows the simple replacement of the Pad Protector and I demonstrate the difference between a worn hook pad and a new one.  (Duration – 1:15)

4 thoughts on “Replacing the Pad Protector of my Mirka CEROS

  1. Hey Chris! Been awhile. How’s the bed coming along? Haven’t seen any updates. I just got a bunch of festools( tracksaw mft ct-26 and sander).. I also got the profile pad and pad protector… The same day I saw your post… I got it mostly for the abranet mesh discs, as I heard they will chew off the hooks… Butternut is still awaitingy time haha. I will keep you updated.. Re configuring my shop at the moment..

    1. Hi Mike,

      I’ve been away from the furniture shop for a while. I was busy working on Time Warp Tool Works stuff before heading out to Woodworking In America in Pasadena, California last weekend and will be returning home next weekend.

      Congratulations on the new acquisitions. Did you get the CEROS or a Festool sander? Which size?


      1. I just read your post about the show. Sounds like a fun event. I wonder if there is something similar localy.. Besides cloverdale. I got the festool 125 eq(?) 5″… I will probably get a few others, but I thought it was a good first choice.. The dust collection really is amazing.. I spent enough with the tracksaw and accessories that I had to buy an entry level sander haha… I added up the 1400 router , lr 32 kit and domino in my lee valley cart.. Only 2200….Plus tax! Gulp! Haha.

        1. Mike,

          I don’t know of any Canadian woodworking shows of this scale. Is/was there even a show in Cloverdale this year?

          Go make some dust (and collect it at the same time!)


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