Replacing the Pad Protector of my Mirka CEROS

I bought my Mirka CEROS (Compact Electric Random Orbit Sander) 18 months ago.  I didn't use it much for the first couple of months, but have been using it a lot more, especially on sculpted shapes, including Ash Table and Relationship Study. The CEROS utilizes a Pad Protector, a thin disc of material with hooks … Continue reading Replacing the Pad Protector of my Mirka CEROS

Flat-Top Ripping Blade is King

Freud's 24-tooth Heavy Duty Rip Blade (LM72M010) is what is installed in my table saw 90% of the time.  The blade has 24 teeth 0.126" wide, ground flat on the top and pitched forwards at 20 degrees.  These characteristics make it the most versatile and most used saw blade in my shop. As you would expect, … Continue reading Flat-Top Ripping Blade is King

Sharpening a Card Scraper

Of all the techniques related to woodworking, this sharpening a card scraper tends to generate the most interest. This is my method: Remove the old burr if necessary by rubbing the face of the scraper on a stone. I use my diamond stone as not to scar my water stones. Clamp the scraper in a … Continue reading Sharpening a Card Scraper