New Apple Cribbage Boards

I’m beginning to catch up on posting some recently-completed projects which are now posted in my Store.

The wood for these two cribbage boards is from a local apple tree.  While I cannot guarantee one of these spectacular boards will improve your game, it may be enough to distract your opponent so that you can call Muggins and steal their points.

Since I do not use a CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine in my work, it is up to me to precisely lay out and drill each hole.  As David Pye discusses in his book, The Nature and Art of Workmanship, these cribbage boards are an excellent example of “workmanship of risk” because the success of the final product relies on my abilities every step along the way.  One misplaced hole can literally ruin a cribbage board.

As with all my work, each of these cribbage boards is signed and dated.

This board features live edges and three tracks.  Epoxy is used to stabilize the centre area.

Click for more information and additional views.

Apple Cribbage Board II Front

The live edge of this board is removed because of damage.  I quite like vertical edge and how it contrasts with the rich tones of the top.  This cribbage board features three tracks and a scoring field.

Click for more information and additional views.

Apple Cribbage Board III End

This is the fifth slide from my PechaKucha presentation.

A Box Called “Necessessity”

2 thoughts on “New Apple Cribbage Boards

    1. Hi Adam,

      The most interesting cribbage board material is often from tree branches (rather than the trunk which is normally the only part milled). Try contacting local tree services and keep an eye out for trees being pruned.


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