Exhibition at Gallery Bistro

Since many of my readers are too far away to come to my exhibition, I have this video to provide an idea of what it looks like.  (As a reminder to my local readers, the Gallery Bistro is open 10am-3pm Tuesday through Sunday and I am at the gallery most Sundays.)

Some pieces which you may not have seen previously appear in the video and can be found in my  Gallery.  The video also shows different angles of the pieces with which you are already familiar.

I would suggest watching the video in high-definition.  The video is 8:36 long and free of dialogue.

4 thoughts on “Exhibition at Gallery Bistro

  1. I love that you shared this video! It’s the next best thing to seeing your creations live :) If I’m ever in BC, you can be sure I will find you so I can come over and touch them all! haha! All your pieces are wonderful, I especially love Table with a Twist.

  2. Awesome. Thanks for posting the video. The desk/table is amazing. Regarding the tall, thin sculpture, what finish did you use? Tung oil? Looks a bit like a matte finish.

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