Showcase of Local Artistry

Yesterday, I attended the Opening Reception of Port Moody’s Celebration of Wood Exhibition, unsure of what exactly to expect.

At the Exhibition, I saw an impressive variety of work.  Most was wood – furniture, turnings, sculptures, boats, boxes – but there were also works in other materials derived from wood, such as paper, as well as 2D art depicting trees.  The crazy thing was that what I saw in the Exhibition (which runs until August 11) was only a small fraction of what will be at the Fair on Saturday.

The only thing more impressive than the variety was the quality of work.  I think that the organizers did an excellent job selecting the exhibitors.

If furniture is your thing, I think you’ll find it worth while to come to the Celebration of Wood Fair this Saturday just to see the three tents in the South East corner belonging to Straight Line Designs Inc., Flair Woodworks, and Oden Gallery.

I’m sure that anyone who appreciates wood, art, local talent, or even just fresh air and sunshine will thoroughly enjoy the event.

Booth Layout
Booth Layout

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