Recap: Port Moody Celebration of Wood Fair

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Celebration of Wood Fair on Saturday.  The Fair was well-organized and we saw a strong turnout.  The weather was perfect as well, so it made the day even more enjoyable.

I sold Tee Coffee Table as well as some raw wood in the silent auction.

The Celebration of Wood Exhibition is still on at the Port Moody Arts Centre until August 11.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Port Moody Celebration of Wood Fair

  1. Awesome Chris, I am glad you got a nice sale from this. So what did you learn about what people want to buy?? What of your display garnished the most inquiries and comments?

    1. Hi Morgan,

      The perennial favourite is, of course, Relationship Study. Almost everybody commented the smoothness of the surface. They loved that.

      Aside from Relationship Study, my scroll sawn jigsaw puzzles also drew a lot of attention and I think I could have sold some had I brought any that were for sale. Some people came to my booth asking, “Where is the jigsaw puzzle that everybody is talking about?”

      Many people were really interested in Deconstructed as well, though I didn’t get the impression anybody was thinking about opening their wallet. A few people picked out prototype 4 of my Three-Week Chair as their favourite piece, which surprised me. (Prototype 5 will feature a frame based on the lamp you showed me.)


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