The Eastside Culture Crawl at the Straight Line Designs, Inc. Studio

Last weekend, I had a display of my Anniversary Boxes at the Eastside Culture Crawl. My good friend, Judson (Jud) Beaumont (owner of Straight Line Designs, Inc.), let me use one corner of his shop.

I did my best to show everybody (it was a really, really busy show!) how the gravity lock of my Anniversary Box worked. I had to admit that I was surprised that literally everybody showed appreciation for the design.

Even more surprising was that people seemed more inclined to place a deposit for the box and have it shipped out later than pay in full and take a box with them. (Learn more, or place a deposit for a box here.)

Both Jud and I are artists with a good sense of humour. He teased me, asking where his Flair Woodworks shirt was, so I made him one with a bit of tape and a business card.

Me & Jud

Much of his work is warped like my Insanity 2 cabinet.  However, I can assure you that his corners are all square… at least according to my Magic Square.

Checking for SquareIn case you are wondering, these photos were taken when the show was winding down for the day.  For most of the show there was a constant stream of foot traffic throughout the shop.


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