Vote for Your Favourite Shop Stools

Well, the soft deadline for submissions has passed and all the entries that were on time are now up on my website. (You can still submit your stool and I’ll post it when I have time.)

It’s the Judges’ Turn Now

I have organized a number of categories and put together a panel of esteemed judges to determine the winners. (As a participant, I am not eligible to be a judge.)

The Judges Don’t Have All the Power

You get to vote for the Flair Woodworks Reader’s Choice. Have a look the entries, pick out your favourite three and submit your ballot using the form below. You have until the end of February 9th to vote.


Voting Ballot

2 thoughts on “Vote for Your Favourite Shop Stools

  1. Sorry nevermind last message, it works on the actual blog, I noticed I send a really small size photo, If it’s possible perhaps you can replace them with these ones slightly larger.   Danny


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