3 thoughts on “The Great Use of Life

  1. My woodworking mentor, John Burt, San Jose, CA, always asked clients what they wanted the piece to be for. This sometimes got the client to express a future view for the piece, usually in terms of donating to family members. It is always a question I ask myself when planning art pieces. Some I made in 1976 still look like they did when made. And that is for pieces that hang on a wall and are never touched. The real longevity test is making childrens furniture! 8-)

  2. Okay, I’m dumb. I bought the box with the drill and router bit to put in a series of holes in the top of my bench. I’ve had a few projects going and some help in cleaning up my shop. Now, I can not find the box. I’m sure it had some dogs in it too. The stupid question is do you mail out in a flat postage box and / or what size would the box be? I know it’s got to be the dumbest question you have received.

    Thanks for your help. Rick Lucier

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