Cam-Action Hold-Down for Grizzly G0623X Sliding Table Saw

When I bought my sliding table saw, I wanted to get a material hold-down for the sliding table. Such an accessory did not exist for the saw, but another Grizzly sliding table saw with the same T-slot size came with one. I ordered the individual replacement parts for the hold-down and put it together myself. These parts cost me $210.50 when I ordered them in 2010.


Part Number Description


PN02 Hex Nut 5/16-18


PR03M Ext Retaining Ring 12mm


PRP32M Roll Pin 6×40


P04510215 T-Nut M12-1.75 V1.04.05


P04510616 Ball Knob M8-1.25


P04510617 Handle Shaft


P04510618 Cam


P04510619 Cam Bracket


P04510621 Locate Block


P04510623 Compression Spring


P04510624 Shaft


P04510626 Washer Large


P04510627 Shaft


P04510628 Handle Shaft V1.04.05


P04510629 Lock Handle


P04510630 Block


P04510631 Disc Gasket

5 thoughts on “Cam-Action Hold-Down for Grizzly G0623X Sliding Table Saw

  1. Brilliant, Chris!

    I don’t have a TS anymore, but conceptually, I can see something like that being useful in other places. Maybe a custom table with a T-slot let into it on a bench press? I’m always trying to figure out how to clamp stuff down before I drill (what? Some people really do clamp things down at the drill press!).

    I suppose someone probably makes something like that commercially, if I could be bothered to look for it…

    1. Hi Ethan,

      You’re right – drill press tables don’t make it easy to secure work. This one is probably too tall to be of much use, but a low-profile clamp could be just the ticket!


  2. Hello Chris,

    Thanks for your speedy response. Was there a reason you chose to purchase all the parts individually when there seems to be the same style hold down clamp completely assembled from the sliding table saw G0699 part # P06991407? It cost $120.00. My only concern with it is that the T will fit my miter slot. Grizzly said they don’t know.

    1. Hi Andry,

      If that assembled hold-down clamp was available separately when I purchased my saw, I wasn’t aware of it. When I ordered my saw from the Bellingham Grizzly showroom, I was able to confirm that the hold-down I ended up ordering would in fact fit the G0623X T-slots.


  3. Hi Chris,

    As I’m sure you are aware of the clamping of materials on certain tools could pretty much spell the difference between a well executed step or a frustrating step in any project. Clamping gives us those extra hands that nature so cruelly did not. Hehe. So many times have I thought that the addition of those few extra appendages to our anatomies would not have really been excessive. The words (could you give me a hand) would no longer have been necessary to learn or at least use as often by shop folk.

    For those that do not know of our good friend Serge at, I would like to suggest that you go and have a peek at his excellent talents in and around the shop. He has touched on the subject of clamps and clamping as well as some great tables and extensions that are sure to impress and please many shop junkies. I’m sure you would agree Chris that Serge has a talent seeing ways of motivating the builder in us to make tools and jigs that will help us greatly on the projects that we love to work on, as well as save us some substantial amounts of greenbacks in the process.

    Another place that I could suggest someone get some really good ideas would be from Jon at, here is a site where a community of good people share the tools, jigs and talents that they have made or modified to use in their shops or workspaces. I never get tired of seeing the ideas that comes from both these great sources.

    Again Chris I’m sure you would agree that the time we spend setting up or creating tools or jigs for our projects is time very well spent and could make a very big impact on the project as a whole. How creative we become in these areas could bring tons of pleasure to the tasks we undertake and sometimes make a project result that is exceptional in it’s own rite. Like an athlete working towards a gold, the more we exercise our minds building or developing these tools, jigs or ideas, the more likely we will score the gold also.

    Sooo, c’mon folks, flex those minds and go for the Gold!

    Till next, Ray R.

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