My Next Move

2004-2015 Mallet

Last Thursday, I taught a seminar at Lee Valley Tools Coquitlam on making a hardwood mallet and later this week, I will be working my final scheduled shift with Lee Valley Tools, marking the end of a 10.5 year record of employment with the Company.

I started stocking shelves on Saturdays at Lee Valley Tools Ltd. while I was still in high school. I used the opportunity to get my foot in the door and prove myself as a hard worker while gaining hands-on experience with Lee Valley’s vast selection of tools and hardware. I learned a lot, and took time to practice and understand the intricacies of each tool and technique.

My knowledge grew quickly at first, and in later years, I used that knowledge to assist customers with purchases, teach seminars, lead in-store demo events, and participate at trade shows in Canada and Western United States. I enjoyed the environment at Lee Valley, and the opportunity to help customers on a daily basis by providing ideas and information.

Next week, I will be starting work as a Retail Sales and Support person at Clermont’s Ultimate Tool Supply (Ultimate Tools), located just outside of Vancouver in Burnaby, BC. While still firmly in the market of quality woodworking tools, I feel that this will be a substantial opportunity for me to learn more and continue to provide excellent customer service to fellow woodworkers, hobbyists and professionals alike. Ultimate Tools carries woodworking power tools and machinery from Festool, Felder, Hammer, Laguna, Mirka, Grex, SawStop, and Powermatic. They also carry Woodpeckers and Whiteside products and are the exclusive Canadian distributor of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks.

While I’m sad to be leaving Lee Valley, I’m also very excited to be joining Ultimate Tools. If you’re ever in the area, please consider stopping by for a visit – I would be more than happy to show you around the store!


28 thoughts on “My Next Move

  1. Best of luck to you Chris on the new endeavor. I am sure you will be a great asset to them and their customers.

  2. Congrats on the new position. I am sure you will do fine in the new job. You seem to do good work too. Have fun with the new tools. Rick


  3. It’s good to step back periodically to reflect and see how we’ve grown and what have been the growth factors along the way, illuminating the way to the brightest future. Best wishes in your new job, it certainly seems like it’s a good fit.

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Yes, being right amidst all the change, it’s easy to lose track of what we’ve accomplished, isn’t it? Thanks for the well-wishes.


    1. Thanks, Serge. Always good to hear from you. I don’t check my RSS feed as frequently as I used to, but you always seem to have something in there that I want to read!


  4. I’m really happy for you Chris I’m sure this move will prove beneficial not only to yourself but also to the customers of Ultimate Tools
    All the Best

  5. Good for you Chris! This is a good step forward for you. I look forward to seeing the next level of woodworking from you.


    Sent from my iPad


    1. Thanks, Judy. I can’t help but wonder what the next level of woodworking will be for me. Are you finding enough time to the woodworking that you want to?


      Sent from my workbench

  6. Congratulations Chris!!! That’s super exciting. I’m sure it’s sad to be leaving LV but I feel like this will be a good move for you.

    1. Thanks, Brian. It is sad leaving people you’ve enjoyed worked with for ten years, but as I said to somebody who asked if I was happy moving on, “I’m always happy!”


  7. Hi Chris.

    Congratulations and all the best of luck on your new job. I’m confident that your talents will shine and I’m sure you’re up to the challenges this new adventure will unfold.

    Till next, Ray R.

  8. Hello Chris, I found your website through a Festool search and yes you’re work is amazing, I’m a blacksmith and do some, actually a lot of coffee tables with a live edge slab. Some people think all I do is tables which I don’t but I can’t help it love the live edge. That picture frame you did was awesome. Thanks Facebook

    1. Hi Connor,

      I make a lot of tables because I like the freedom of design which they allow. I get most of my material in flitches, complete with live edges, so I usually have the option to include that feature. The live edge picture frame that I built was a result in a thought that began with, “I wonder if I can…”. Those are the best thoughts!


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