New House, New Shop

At the end of February, I moved to a new place about 15 minutes from where I was previously. Of course, the shop moved as well and it is now living in a one-car garage (formerly about 450 sq ft – approximately the space of a two-car garage).

The day before the move, I installed the same anti-fatigue mats I had in my last shop to cover the garage’s floor.

By the end of the move, the entire floor was covered with cabinets (wood boxes), tool boxes (plastic and/or metal boxes), moving boxes (cardboard boxes) and unboxable tools and accessories (not in boxes) stacked wherever convenient for the movers.

Currently, I am working on hanging cabinets on the walls to clear floor space for the machinery. Four rolling cabinets with drawers store most of my frequently used hand and power tools.

A week after moving in, this is what the shop looks like.


Now, one tool is finally plugged directly into the wall, so there will be less switching of power cords when I need to use a tool. Yes, this is exciting.


The shop is lit by a 4-tube, 4-foot fluorescent light fixture which is missing two bulbs (photos were taken without additional lighting). Needless to say, I will be improving the lighting situation.

Once the floor is clear I will be able to bring in the larger machinery which includes my sliding table saw, band saw, jointer and planer.

Once everything is set up and I’m able to work without unpacking boxes simultaneously, I will start work on some furniture for the new home, including a couple of bar stools (so I can get my shop stool back!), a dining table, dining chairs, a side table or two, and a dresser.

8 thoughts on “New House, New Shop

  1. Oh my that will be cozy… spending lots of time moving stuff around to work I can see! Nice to get the machines in, and hope you have a driveway to work with as well!!!

    1. Hi Morgan,

      I’m hoping that there won’t be too much time spent moving things around. Keys for me will be organization (mostly ensuring things are put away on shelves or in drawers) and keeping wood storage to a minimum. There is a flat driveway in front of the garage, but I’m not sure how much use it will see.


      1. Opening the garage door does allow for wood to move in and off machines. So while not totally functional it does make it easier than a shop without a driveway! I always liked finishing outside, got the smells out of the work area.
        Looking forward to more pics!

  2. I feel the challenge you face! I couldn’t get my full-size table saw into my current garage space, so had to go with a smaller, portable one. Consequently, I rarely use it because I just can’t get the accuracy I need. I’ve resorted to old-fashioned hand-tool work, which is slower but more satisfying. I hope you can squeeze it all in!

    1. Hi Grant,

      I’m hoping that I will be able to fit in the big four machines I have come to rely on (table saw, bandsaw, jointer and planer) and arrange the rest of the shop around them. It won’t be long before I move the machinery and put my floor plan to the test!


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