Good Tools Work for You, Not Against You

Nearly every tool is designed with compromises. In some cases, the compromise is made to increase the ease of production (and therefore lower cost). Other times, the compromise is made to make the tool more appealing to a broader audience.

After using a tool for a while, these compromises become very clear. You’ll think, “I wish this power cord was longer”, “this handle hurts my hand”, “it’s hard to read these scales”, or “why can’t I cut a straight line?” Okay, maybe that last one is user error, but you get the point.

Once you understand the compromises you can identify the root cause(s) of the problem and begin to theorize possible solutions. I never shy away from modifying my tools to make them work better for me, as my philosophy reminds me that tools are meant to be utilized, and anything that makes them work better for me, or easier for me to use, is a worthwhile modification. Of course, this customization may or may not benefit others, since I am making these changes thinking about only myself.
The Intuitive Handsaw
This momentous video (13:03) highlights some compromises, specific issues, root causes, possible solutions, and technique modifications that can improve tool performance.

5 thoughts on “Good Tools Work for You, Not Against You

  1. Chris, A very interesting concept. I have tried out a dovetail saw with no teeth on the first 4 or 5 inches which allows you to follow a line and gather momentum as well. Took a while for my brain to work with my arm to change a motion. Yours looks rather natural. Nicely done!

      1. Hey Morgan. I am convinced that I spend too much time thinking about these goofy ideas to that point where I can’t tell if they are a good idea or not!


        1. You should send it Bad Axe and see if they want to develop it further..haha! I could see them doing an April joke next year as well.

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