Building More Cribbage Boards and Now Selling on Etsy

One of my goals for this year is to increase sales of my live-edge cribbage boards. I really believe in the product and sales have reinforced that belief.

The biggest limiting factor has been supply, as I never had a decent supply of quality material suitable for crib boards, and an immense amount of time and focus was required to make each one.

With that in mind, I have taken steps to address both issues (more details later) and am getting more efficient with each game board I make. I am happy to report that I have three new cribbage boards available (I have now completed a total of 22 since the very first one 9 years ago).

5 Cribbage Board 21 Detail

I am now selling my cribbage boards on Etsy, and I truly believe they are the nicest wooden cribbage boards available and are priced very competitively. Go have a look – they make a beautiful and interesting show piece, are a great gift idea for almost anyone (including those hard to buy for), and you can be sure there is nothing else similar!

View my cribbage boards on Etsy.

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