The Reward For Hard Work

The past two weeks, I’ve spent an awful lot of time in the shop, on top of the approximately 30 hours per week I’ve been working at Lee Valley.

One of the projects I am working on is a carved headboard. By far, it has to be the most labour-intensive project I’ve done to date. So far, I’ve put in over 40 hours into the panel alone. Tonight, I completed the carving. I put in some long days – the worst was the seven-hour day. The seven hours wasn’t so bad. What was bad was not taking any breaks – my fault. When I finished the day and could barely stand.

The next day was a rough one. (Luckily?) I was working that day at Lee Valley, so my progress in the shop was not inhibited by my rough shape. As I’ve said before: “I never want to got to work feeling rested.” It’s 10:30 pm and I just got out of the shop. I’m exhausted both mentally and physically – I’ve lost my train of thought and can barely type. Time for bed. I’m very happy with how the project is coming along.

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