I haven’t been feeling well the last couple days.  I’ve been really low on energy and unable to focus well.  But of course, as always, there was work to be done.

I knew that I was not mentally sharp enough to comfortably work with power tools. I may have gotten away using machinery and not caused an injury.  However, the risk was not worth the possible gain.  I definitely didn’t have the energy to do much with hand tools either.

Instead of pushing myself beyond my current limits, I chose to take a couple of days off to rest so that I would be back on my feet sooner and able to work safely at 100% efficiency.

6 thoughts on “Limits

  1. Good call; for 3 days this week I was scrambling to get a project done for a friend, working late into each night.

    Besides the safety risks, I found myself making dumb mistakes that cost more time later.

  2. Wisdom means knowing when to listen to your heart and body and ignore societal conditioning to work no matter what. I am impressed when someone does what they know makes sense no matter what others will say.

  3. A break? Wise decision. Not waiting until it’s too late is the way to go. Knowing your limits is a bless. This is the right time to do what you want or perharps what you like. And of course, eating the best food you like. Take care.

  4. Smart decision, I find when I get tired mistakes start to magically appear. Mistakes with hand tools can hurt your projects but not yourself, mistakes with power tools can hurt both yourself and your project. Felix

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