Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Recently I picked up a few books that are sure to be inspiring.

500 Cabinets is the latest woodworking-related publication in Lark Books’ 500 series.  Previous books include: 500 Chairs, 500 Tables, 500 Wood Bowls, and 400 Wood Boxes.  This book is not as inspiring as the others, but I’m not surprised.  Although there is certainly freedom to be innovative and creative when making cabinets, there is not as much leeway as with the subjects of the previous books.  Still, I do not regret acquiring this book.

A friend, Federico Mendez-Castro, has one of his pieces featured on page 182 of this book, Claro Cabinet.  Incidentally, Federico’s shop is within a couple hundred feet of other local woodworkers featured in the book such as Enrico König and James Esworthy.  Enrico’s Bowed Front Media Console can be found on page 38 and his Bowed-Front Liquor Cabinet on page 359 while James’ untitled cabinet is on page 163.

Arnt Arntzen (p.13, 172), Lord Godfrey (p. 263), Mario Sabljak (p. 156), and Jeff Trigg (p. 227) are other woodworkers who reside in the Vancouver area and have work featured in 500 Cabinets.

Another new book is David Savage’s Furniture with Soul.  Had shipping from the United Kingdom not been prohibitively expensive, I would have ordered a signed copy.  It is a very interesting read.  There’s a good balance of text and stunning photos in both colour and black and white.

The third book is Warton Esherick: The Journey of a Creative Mind.  This is the book that I was the most excited to get.  It’s not a new book, but I hadn’t previously heard of it.  

3 thoughts on “Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

  1. David Savage’s book indeed has some very unique and beautiful furniture pieces. I wish all photos are color, though as my personal preference is not B & W pictures. Between Esherick’s and Savage’s books, I seemed to enjoy the Savage’s a little more. .

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