An Inspiring Story from David Savage

David Savage is a name that you might know.  He is a UK woodworker with over 30 years of experience and a very distinctive style of furniture. David teaches woodworking and contemporary furniture design at Rowden Farm Atelier and recently released his book, Furniture with Soul, a book which looks at the journeys and work of 20 accomplished, … Continue reading An Inspiring Story from David Savage

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Recently I picked up a few books that are sure to be inspiring. 500 Cabinets is the latest woodworking-related publication in Lark Books' 500 series.  Previous books include: 500 Chairs, 500 Tables, 500 Wood Bowls, and 400 Wood Boxes.  This book is not as inspiring as the others, but I'm not surprised.  Although there is … Continue reading Get Your Creative Juices Flowing