Installing a Shelix Cutterhead in a DeWalt DW735 Thickness Planer, Part 2

This video is the second of three (duration – 14:42).  From where I left off at the end of Part 1, I continue to disassemble the planer in order to remove the stock cutterhead.  To guide me through the installation, I followed the Installation Manual (PDF) written by Byrd.

In the next video, I’ll put the planer back together and show which tools I used for the changeover.

7 thoughts on “Installing a Shelix Cutterhead in a DeWalt DW735 Thickness Planer, Part 2

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      The sound is distinctly different. When not under load, it may be a little quieter. Under load, the planer seems more quiet with the Shelix installed.


  1. I see you are having FUN. Doing the change over is a real job. I know that when I did it to my 15″ Jet planer. That set of cutters weights twice as much as the ones you are installing. It is at least one half less noise when it is cutting white oak. I know you will be happy when it’s all done

  2. Hi Chris
    What is your experiences now after couple years, when you compere Shelix to your old carbide knifes?
    Shelix is practically single knife, only one half of each square is cutting on one revolution.
    There is only one square for every 1/4 of inch of the wide of the planer.
    What do you think, how much did it improve your work?
    I got my on woodworking show in Vegas for only $300 (special)But I still have to put it in.
    Now what I see, is not maybe the best improvement.
    Thank You for your videos and advice.

    1. Hi Franz,

      I was happy with the aftermarket carbide straight knives aside from the cost. I believe the single-sided carbide knives cost me $250 for the set.

      I haven’t looked at the head closely enough to see how many cuts per revolution the cutterhead takes and I don’t understand what you mean by “only one half of each square”.

      I have been very happy with the performance of the head. I would recommend the upgrade to anyone who intends to put some miles on the DW 735 planer.


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