Second Picture of Maple Trestle Table, Finished!

Yesterday, I moved Maple Trestle Table out of the shop into a larger room that was transformed into a photo studio.  Today, I took a number of pictures and have begun sorting through them to find the best.

One of my favourite detail shots is of an epoxy resin-filled fissure in the beautifully figured top.  Scroll up to the top of this page to see it in the header.

Do you like this shot as much as I do?

7 thoughts on “Second Picture of Maple Trestle Table, Finished!

  1. You got me again! I was half expecting a full table shot. That is a cool pic though. You need a wide angle lens!

  2. Stop the teasing and give us a picture. No more ‘Finish Teasing’ or we will march on Vancover and ‘Strip Tease’ it for ya!

    All being said, and and honest opinion. I would prefer Black Epoxy. I like the Negative space it creates, shadow, depth and void. However it is not Turqoise…gak on that.

    1. Hi Morgan,

      I still have more shooting and reviewing. When I’m ready, I’ll unleash them all! I have a bunch of detail photos already. I still need to shoot the full pictures… it’s no fun moving a big table around on photo paper by yourself!

      A few others suggested black epoxy as well, but I like being able to see the depth. I think black epoxy would look too much like black paint.


  3. Reminds me of a band who plays everything from their debut album except the hit waiting for the crowd to cheer for an encore.

    okay, do we get the photos already?!?


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