New Item Added to Store

I’ve just added a new item to the Store.  Yes, Relationship Study, the trestle table made of Western maple is now for sale and I think I have priced it very fairly.  Let me know if you are interested in acquiring this piece, or any of my other work.

I’ll be both happy and sad to see it go.

7 thoughts on “New Item Added to Store

  1. Ahh your table is for sale. Those are always mixed feelings sales.. You’re happy to get an amazing piece out there, but always sad to part with them. I am curious to know what you are charging.. I hope you accounted for all the love and care( the hardest part to collect on)

      1. Glad to see you priced it well… If I saw anything under 5 you were going to get a talking to haha.. I think listing the prices is an excellent idea…saves you wasted time from lookie loo’s. I think your price is very good considering the time invested and it’s one of a kind uniqueness.

          1. What? You can’t compete with a computerized factory who gets massive materials discounts and manufactures their own plywood and particleboard? And who’s design costs are buffered by millions of units per design?
            How rude of you to not be able to undercut ikea prices for handcrafted one of a kind work!

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