#Woodchat’s Telephone Game Design Experiment

Below is my initial drawing for #Woodchat’s inaugural Telephone Game Design Experiment.

The idea is to start with a design drawn by one person (me).  Then, another person takes my design and redraws it their way, incorporating any changes they wish to make.  Next, a third person takes the second drawing and redraws it their way.  This continues until everyone who wants to participate has had a chance and in the end we will have numerous drawings, each somewhat different from the others.  It will be able to see how the design progressed.

(Our experiment differs from the Telephone Game in that everyone is able to witness each stage, whereas in the Telephone Game, participants are only aware of the previous stage.)

The First Design

The table features a split-level top and matching stretcher.  The angle between the two layers of the top is 45 degrees and the angle between the stretcher parts is 20 degrees.


Perspective Perspective LowTop Right DimTop Dim

If you would like to participate in this experiment, please let me know in the comments section below.  Tune into #Woodchat Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific.  This week, we’ll be talking about the Handworks woodworking show in Amana, Iowa as well as the Telephone Game Design Experiment.

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