How to Make Furniture that Sells

When I had the chance to make a living as a furniture maker, it was a dream come true. However, I soon realized that my chosen path was a very difficult one and found that I needed to adapt my designs to appeal to consumers.

In this video, I share some of my best tips for making furniture that, in my experience, people really like and are willing to buy. (Duration – 12:09)

Here is a link to the two templates I use. You can download them for free for your own personal use here. Download templates.


9 thoughts on “How to Make Furniture that Sells

  1. I want to be like Chris when i grow up. Give ’em what they want and sell that stuff…whatever it is.

  2. I would love to discuss further more your techniques if that would be possible. Your living the dream I would love to live.

  3. You elaborated on every argument a custom furniture builder needs to know to market products. Well done.

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